Monday, June 9, 2008

What eggs are chickens!!

What eggs are chickens!!
Originally uploaded by Tim Kiser
One of my favorite Flickrites is the wry Mr. Kiser, who travels around Middle America unearthing treasures, like this pair of billboards. I could make any number of jokes here, but none of them would approach the wonderfulness of these signs, so I'll just let you enjoy them.

Take an hour and flip through the rest of Tim's stream, too. It's very charming. His grammar is a little shaky at times, but his eye is keen and his perceptions faultless.


Mary Jo said...

Thanks for sharing this. It was fun to see his pictures!
I'm going to go eat an embryo sandwich, poor little chickies!

harold hollingsworth said...

nice find indeed!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the humor :)