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Eighth Avenue South, Seattle 1960

Taken from 1960 Polk City Directory

Eighth Avenue South
From Yesler Way to Charles Street

From Yesler Wy. to Washington St. - West Side
111 Apartments (Yesler Terrace)
  256 Fook F Locke
  257 Donald L. Hanson
  258 August E Miller jr
  259 Don M. Lund
  260 Timothy F Brennan
  261 Mrs. Bernice Hedgeman
  262 Michael Gasster
  263 Rafael Kimpo
119 Apartments (Yesler Terrace)
  288 Moris Barsion
  289 Robert H. Louie
  290 Mrs. Willie M. Mallory
  291 Mrs. Erna E. Munske
  292 Marvin L. Bourne
  293 Richard M. Gordon
  294 Chong L. Chin
  295 Mrs. Mary E. Hester

From Yesler Wy. to Washington St. - East Side
110 Apartments (Yesler Terrace)
  344 George F. Herold
  345 Mrs. Mildred Cooper
  346 Dennis C. Taylor
  347 Mrs. Winnie C. Fletcher
  348 Arch Robertson
  349 Mrs. Ethel L. Hockett
  350 Mrs. Alma C. Cain
  351 Mrs. Anna M. DeMars
  352 Mrs. Maude Williams
  353 Vacant
  354 Mrs. Louise White
  355 Mrs. Nettie Long
118 Apartments (Yesler Terrace)
  356 Frank W. Green
  357 Nils Toftoy
  358 Mrs. Bessie B. Gaza
  359 Walter J. Dickson
  360 Allen G. Church
  361 Mrs. Etna Olson
  362 Daniel Moorhead
  363 Ed Austin
  364 Naz Watson
  365 Ira M. Saltz
  366 Mrs. Ida A. Allen
  367 Mrs. Daisy G. Moore

From Washington St. to Jackson St. - West Side
209 Apartments (Yesler Terrace)
  317 Mrs. Betty Johnson
  318 John C. McCallum
  319 Lewis H. Oliver
  320 Hong Chin
  321 Mrs. Marge J. R. Green
217 Apartments (Yesler Terrace)
  322 Chong Sun Kim
  323 Ernest Foottit
  324 Mrs. Maxine C. Morse
  325 Frank W. Blasher
  326 Mrs. Anna Fagan
  327 Amanda Wrice
  328 Harry A. Kirwin interpreters [local history author & photographer]
  329 Lawrence J. Walsh

From Washington St. to Jackson St. - East Side

From Jackson St. to King St. - West Side
405 Safeway Stores Inc. (branch)
417 Lock Bow Gum Club

From Jackson St. to King St. - East Side
410 Western Hotel lodgings - Peter A. Shimuzu
412 Yee Benevolent Association
414 Bak Chin
416 Young Wah Co. importers - Glee M. Lee
420 Hip Wah Sing Club
420½ Pak Y. Lau
422 Hen Sen Chin herbs

From King St. to Weller St. - West Side
507 Mrs. OuShee Eng
509 Vacant
511 Frank Dong
515 Henry S. Luke physician
515½ Doe Jing Chin

From King St. to Weller St. - East Side
506-08 Chong Tsue Co. (side entrance)

From Weller St. to Lane St. - West Side
607 Golden Hotel lodgings
611 King Eng
615 Gardner-Denver Co. construction equipment
619 Cutler Hammer Inc. electric equipment manufacturers
623 Vickers Inc. pump manufacturers

From Weller St. to Lane St. - East Side
616 Seattle Art & Photo Supply Co. [2009 = Reprographics NW]

From Lane St. to Dearborn St. - West Side
707 Lynell Chapman
709 General L. Porter
711 Joe L. Arnold

From Lane St. to Dearborn St. - East Side

From Dearborn St. to Charles St. - West Side
807 Glen Hotel lodgings - Taniguchi & Taniguchi plumbers
809 Vacant
811 Vacant
813½ Vacant

From Dearborn St. to Charles St. - East Side

Charles Street intersects

[Mission Macaroni was on eighth just one block south of here, between Plummer and Norman, at 1016; this is under I-90 interchange now.]


angus said...

Seattle Art and Photo Supply would have been (as Reprographics NW is now) on the east side of the street not west side.

Fnarf said...

Oops! Fixed. Thanks.