Thursday, February 24, 2005

Where I Went On Holiday - Playa Del Carmen, The End

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The End

Well, I'm running out of steam here, I can't think of any more stories, at least not interesting ones. We washed our clothes in the sink and dried them on the line, that's not too exciting. We snorkeled at Yal-Ku lagoon near Akumal, that was a load of fun, I must have seen 25 species of fish. My uncontrollable consumerism finally met its match in Cancun airport, where I successfully resisted the temptation to buy a giant black sombrero with silver stitching. We drove down the Boca Paila road into Sian Ka'an as far as the bridge, that was VERY interesting for a while as the road started to disappear out from under us, but we made it back OK. Um, let's see, they had a dog named Asha who was very sweet indeed. I peeled. Nancy peeled. A few more naked people swam in the ocean near us (unfortunately, some of them were men). The sun rose, the sun set, the lights came on, the lights went out, we laughed, we cried. Well, no, we didn't cry. I had the best time I've ever had and I've had some good ones. The thing about Mexico was that I felt, just a day or two into it, that I was really relaxing and tuning into a whole different way of thinking about time and what's important in life. [continues on in this drippy philosophical manner for several more paragraphs]. I could get used to this.

But in the end, it was about perfect. After two weeks, I wanted to stay, but I kind of wanted to go home again, too. This is a beautiful country, but it's not MY country; I'm glad it's there and I hope to see more it, and I hope the Mexicans realize what a treasure they have; all you hear about on the news is tragedy, but this was a wonderful place, even as poor as it is. I love Mexico.

And now I'm home, and I'm NOT ALLOWED to smoke cigars. Can you believe it? What is this a police state? Harrumph. It would be a lot easier to get upset if I didn't know for damn sure that I'm the luckiest man in the world. Thanks for a great trip, Nancy. Let's go back, OK?

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