Thursday, February 24, 2005

Where I Went On Holiday - Playa Del Carmen, Part 5

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ThrushJockey asks about pics. Well, that's another story. Remember, this is the trip where everything went wrong, right?

I have one of these really cool micro-cameras, a Minolta Dimage Xt. About the size of a credit card, but has optical zoom and decent rez and takes really good pictures. it cost a fortune, well, by my standards. I like it so much I went and spent another fortune on the special marine housing so I could take lots of great snorkeling shots instead of using those crappy disposables that I can never get to take decent shots. I was all set; I was geared up.

Then I put my shirt down on the sand and a bunch got in the pocket and I put it back on and put the camera in my pocket too and it broke.

Am I allowed to say "****" on this forum?

There went about $600 worth of fun. I am a digital dork because I really do have to throw away 90% of the pictures I take to get a few good ones. I know I said earlier I couldn't get in a huff over anything, but I came close there. Damn. So I went into a camera shop, several of them actually, and confirmed my suspicions -- if I wanted a digital camera I was not going to find any bargains here. Double damn. I ended up springing for the cheapest thing I could find, a "Venta" or "Vela" or some damn thing, for about $160 USD, that would at least take the same kind of SD chips I was loaded with and allow me to shoot some pictures.

Three days later I broke that one too.

By that time, I was in such a glow that I don't think I even swore, causing Nancy to get all suspicious and ask me a bunch of personal questions to prove that it was really me. The beard I was sporting by then had her wondering.

So I do have some pictures, but not as many as I had hoped, and I haven't gone through them yet, because I have to hook my camera up to my computer to upload them and my CAMERA. IS. BROKEN.

So why am I so happy?

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