Sunday, February 24, 2008

Glory, Glory Tottenham Hotspur

Congratulations! Tottenham Hotspur defeated Chelsea 2-1 in extra time at Wembley today to win the League Cup (aka the Carling Cup). Nancy and I watched it at the George & Dragon pub in Fremont (Seattle). Bit rough getting out of bed and down to the pub at 7 AM, but a hundred or so people did, about 2/3 Spurs fans by the looks of it. We roared them out of the house when Jonathan Woodgate bumped in the winner, a slow bobbler that came off Petr Cech's and then Woodgate's faces; it bounced once, twice, three times into the net. Spurs' first hardware since the 1999 League Cup.

Now on to the double: the UEFA Cup is next.

Next year we'll win some serious silverware as we return to major-club status. We're too good to sit down at eleventh in the table, and in the lesser cup competitions at home and in Europe.


ally. said...

the world cup a few years back that brought us games in the morning was a marvelous thing - loads of well intentioned juices that turned miraculously into beers by the second half. well done by the way. now if north end can just stay up...

Fnarf said...

Good for you, maybe; '06 games were in the middle of the working day for me, but in '02 I had to get up at freakin' four AM to watch. And then go to work.

PNE are safe, I can feel it. Really.