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2nd Avenue (Extension), Seattle 1960

Taken from 1960 Polk City Directory

Second Avenue
From Jackson Street to Yesler Way
[I hope I haven't screwed this up. This street is listed in the book as "2D AV", but it's clear that it's the street that is today called "Second Avenue South Ext.", or "Extension" (sometimes seen as "Extended"), not the one called "Second Avenue South", which is also in the book.

[This street runs southeast to northeast, not north to south like the others. Today it starts at 4th Ave. S., but then it started at Jackson just a short ways north. Note also that the street appears to have been numbered from south to north, where it is now numbered from north to south in accordance with all other South streets. This means these street numbers will not agree with today's. I don't think.]

[If you're unfamiliar with Seattle geography, this confusion is caused by the change in direction of all the downtown streets at Yesler, an anomaly caused by disagreements among the early settlers as to how the city should be platted (a similar discontinuity can be found north of the central downtown section, at Denny Way). If I'm not mistaken, the south portion (Pioneer Square, etc., which I'm documenting here) was platted by Doc Maynard; the central section from Yesler to Denny by Henry Yesler, and the north section, north of Denny, by Arthur Denny.]

From Jackson St. to Main St. - West Side
221 International Longshoreman's & Warehousemen's Union Local No. 37 (rear entrance)
225 Julie's Tavern
From Jackson St. to Main St. - East Side
210 Nemco Electric Co. manufacturers
222 Seattle Lighting Fixture Co.

From Main St. to Washington St. - West Side
301 Betty's Coffee Shop
313 Northwest Hotel Supply Inc.
319 Vacant

From Main St. to Washington St. - East Side
312 Union Gospel Mission (coffee shop)
318 Union Gospel Mission - Union Gospel Mission Lodge lodging house

From Washington St. to Yesler Way - West Side
401 Barney's Jewelry & Loan Co. pawnbrokers
403 Barney's Jewelry & Loan Co. (warehouse)
407 Double Header Tavern
407b Four-O-Seven B Social Club
411 Bitt's Inc. restaurant
417 Busy Bee Cafe
419 G&G Cigar Co.
421 Second Avenue Clothing Exchange used clothes
423 Metropole Building - Metropole Hotel lodgings - Mrs. Shizue Kikuchi
427 G. O. Guy Drugs (br) [? Still don't know what "(br)" stands for]

From Washington St. to Yesler Way - East Side
400 Carlo's Corner restaurant
404 Second Avenue Cafe restaurant
408 Silver Dollar Tavern ["Dollard" here but "Dollar" in alphabetical listing]
410 Griff's Clothing Store men's clothing
412 Monterey Cafe - Standard Hotel lodgings - Kametaro Kawaguchi
416 The Salvation Army (Harbor Light) lodgings

Yesler Way intersects

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