Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Occidental Avenue, Seattle 1960

Taken from 1960 Polk City Directory

Occidental Avenue
From Yesler Way to Connecticut Street
[Dearborn St. does not and did not intersect Occidental. Connecticut St. is now Royal Brougham Way]

From Yesler Way S. to Washington St. - West Side
101 Vacant
107 White Rock Tavern
109 Safeway Stores Inc. (br) [bakery?] grocery
111 Hank's Cocktail Lounge
115-17 Hank's Inc. restaurant
119 Occidental Shoe Shop repair
121 Lahr's Chowder Corner restaurant

From Yesler Way S. to Washington St. - East Side
102 Irwin's Merchandise Liquidators - general merchandise
104 Oasis Tavern
106 Zion Mission
108 M. Wenkert Co. men's furnishings
110 Parcel Checkroom used books
112½ Occidental Hotel lodgings - Kemzo Kiyomizu
114 Logger's Labor Agency
116 F. & F. Cafe & Lounge tavern
118 Maiorano Shoe Repair
118½ VAcant
120 Billy's Barber Shop
120½ Mario's Cafe
122 Dan's Working Man's Store used clothing

From Washington St. to Main St. - West Side
201 California Tavern
203 Square Deal Lunch
205 Vacant
211 U Park System Inc. auto parking

From Washington St. to Main St. - East Side
206 ABC Junk Co. (storage)
208 ABC Junk Co.

From Main St. to Jackson St. - West Side
301 State Employee Security Division - Casual Labor Office
303 Vacant
307 M. D. Johnston Co. manufacturers agents
309 Vacant
311 Olive Branch Mission
311½ Vacant
313 Vacant

From Main St. to Jackson St. - East Side
300 Vacant
312 Shaffer & Nelson manufacturers agents
3145 Variety Merchandise Inc. wholesale
316 McCoy Grocery
318 Vacant
322 Vacant

From Jackson St. to King St. - West Side
419 McKesson & Robbins Inc. wholesale drugs

From Jackson St. to King St. - East Side
400 Harold's Cafe - Harold's Tavern
402 Vacant
406 Star Brass Works
408 C. E. Riggs Inc. wholesale electrical supplies
410 Vacant
416 Vacant

From King St. to Connecticut St. - West Side
none [there's an old building along here; perhaps it had a King St. address]

From King St. to Connecticut St. - East Side
500 Mike's Chevron Station
530 Vacant
532 Standard Warehouse & Transfer Company (warehouse)
558 Taylor-Edwards Warehouse & Transfer Co. Inc. (warehouse)
834 Pioneer Fruit Co. - Pure Gold Inc. wholesale fruit - Washington State Apple Commission [these buildings are now Qwest Field's north parking lot]
932 Frederick & Nelson (warehouse)
1021½ Mrs. Verla M. Welsh [approximately in Qwest Field] [may be a typo]

Connecticut St. [now Royal Brougham Way] intersects

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