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Washington Street, Seattle 1960

From 1960 Polk City Directory

Washington Street (now South Washington Street)
From South Alaskan Way to Boren Way

From S. Alaskan Way to 1st Ave. S. - North Side
68 L & H Printing Co.
76 L & H Blue Printing Co.
90 Kelly Printing Co. Inc.

From S. Alaskan Way to 1st Ave. S. - South Side
77 Compass Center Mission - Lutheran Compass Mission
79 Compass Center Hotel lodgings
79½ Vacant
81-84 L & H Printing Co. (office & plant) [even number?]
81½ Vacant
85 Vacant

From 1st Ave. S. to Occidental Ave. - North Side
108 Jerry's Grocery
110 Vacant
116 Occidental Tavern
116½ Vacant
118 United Loan pawn brokers
118½ Vacant
124 William Llewellyn printer
126 Greenland Inn Tavern

From 1st Ave. S. to Occidental Ave. - South Side
101 Washington Cigar Store (now Elliott Bay Book Co.)
105 United Shoe Repair
107 Vacant
109 Blue Front Cafe
115 Russo's Tavern
115½ Skidroad Beanery restaurant
117 The Loggers tavern
117½ Loggers Hotel lodgings
117½ Earl H Turner
119 Loggers Barber Shop

From Occidental Ave. to 2nd Ave. S. - North Side
154 Blas Morante barber
156 Workers Lunch
158 Lucky Tavern
160 Vacant
164 Vacant
168 Vacant
170 All Nations Cafe - Mrs. Ruby Deligan
172 Casino Cafe - Casino Recreation social club [an important landmark in Seattle's rough and tumble history. In 2009, this underground room at 172 S. Washington St. is Heaven nightclub, but in the 1890s it was the location of a bawdy vaudeville theater run by John Considine, "offering women who danced and sang on stage and then strolled among the playing tables trolling for drinks. Couch-like box seats were deep enough for the men to draw the women inside and then pull curtains for whatever sexual pleasures could be had." (Gary L. Atkins, Gay Seattle [Seattle and London: University of Washington Press, 2003])

Considine's vaudeville was naughtier than the classy sort performed uptown; among other performers, he featured Little Egypt, a nationally-known "coochee-coochee dancer and stripper. He also introduced the infamous Seattle Police payoff system, paying patrol officers for tolerance of his disobedience of the 1894 "barmaid ordinance", which forbade women from working in places that served alcohol. This "tolerance policy" eventually spread throughout every level of Seattle's (and Washington's) bureaucracy until it exploded in 1970 with, among other events, the firing of the Chief of Police Frank Ramon and the arrest of the interim Chief Buzz Cook.

Ironically, the payoff system allowed an underground scene of gambling, prostitution, and gay bars to flourish, in spite of blue laws against them. By the 1930s, the basement of current building was the Casino, a drag bar run by Joseph Bellotti that for the next forty years, along with the Double Header tavern upstairs (still in operation in 2009, see 407 2nd Ave. Ext.) provided a haven for Seattle's gay and lesbian community. The wooden marquee over the entrance still says "CASINO DANCING".]

From Occidental Ave. to 2nd Ave. S. - South Side
151 Vacant
153 Alex's Cafe
159 Pastime Tavern
161 Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Center
165 Peniel Mission
167 Columbus Tavern
169 Workingman's Clothing Store used
171 Jim's Cafe
173 Silver Star Tavern

From 2nd Ave. S. To 3rd Ave. S. - North Side
210½ Yick Keong Society social club
212 Basa Trade Shop antiques - Sidro L Basa
214 Rice Bowl Cafe
214 Marcel Domingo
214½ Vacant

From 2nd Ave. S. To 3rd Ave. S. - South Side
201 Light Spot Inc. tavern
209 John Battee shoeshiner
211 A & J Tavern
211½ Vincentian Center employment office
215 Mike's Place cigars
216 Vacant
217 Vacant
219 Vacant
219½ Vacant
221 Vacant
223 Zumie Davis

From 3rd Ave. S. to Prefontaine Pl. - North Side
300 Kaplan Paper Co. wholesale
308 Vacant
310 Schooley Printing Co.
312 Litho Film - Ransdell Photography commercial photographers

From 3rd Ave. S. to Prefontaine Pl. - South Side
305 Joe Galanta
307 Union Hotel lodgings - Yoshio Akada
311 Henry's Barber Shop
311½ Ramos Rabero

From Prefontaine Pl. to 4th Ave. S. - North Side

From Prefontaine Pl. to 4th Ave. S. - North Side

From 4th Ave. S. to 5th Ave. S. - North Side
424 Washington Service Station gas station
[Note: intersection with 5th Ave. S. not shown but clearly existed then]

From 4th Ave. S. to 5th Ave. S. - South Side
[Note: intersection with 5th Ave. S. not shown but clearly existed then]

From 5th Ave. S. to 6th Ave. S. - North Side
502 Vacant

From 5th Ave. S. to 6th Ave. S. - South Side
505 Vacant
507 Vacant
509 Vacant
511 Vacant
517 Hanson Hotel lodgings - Frank U. Hashimoto - Roy M. Hashimoto
525 Berry-Jeffrain Apartments lodgings - Mack Mayfield

From 6th Ave. S. to Maynard Ave. - North Side
616 Kwick-Kafe of Seattle vending machines
618 Vacant
620 Vacant
624 Vacant

From 6th Ave. S. to Maynard Ave. - South Side
621 Peter B. Alupay

From Maynard Ave. to 7th Ave. S.- North Side

From Maynard Ave. to 7th Ave. S.- South Side

From 7th Ave. S. to 8th Ave. S. - North Side

From 7th Ave. S. to 8th Ave. S. - South Side
701 Mrs. Sarah Morris
703 Calvin Bowell Jr.
705 Vacant
707 Mrs. Beverly Cantrell
709 Mrs. Ida Releford
705 King D. Cheng
717 Vacant
719 Frank R Koop
721 Mrs. Gussie O Tucker
723 LeRoy B White
725 James Martin
729 Marion P. Villanueva
731 William E. Fawcett
733 Mrs. Dorothy Watkins
735 Gary L Huxford
737 Harold C. George
739 Mrs. Lillian G. Hayes

From 8th Ave. S. to 9th Ave. S. - North Side

From 8th Ave. S. to 9th Ave. S. - South Side
803-1044 Yesler Terrace (housing project)
803 Apartments
  368 Tommy Yuen
  369 Coenraad VanDerWal
  370 Mike Baumgart
  371 Mrs. Jessie Mae Lemes
  372 Mrs. Laura M. Hyde
  373 Charles F. Murphy
811 Apartments
  374 Saint M. Owens
  375 Donna M. Clifton
  376 Rev. Lee V. Kirkpatrick
  377 John M. G. Wong
  378 Mrs. Bobbie J. Sims
  379 L. Joe James
819 Apartments
  380 King D. Anderson
  381 Roger M. Haglund
  382 Rovert A. McLauchlan
  383 Howard M. Robinson Jr.
  384 John C. Simon
  385 Buck F. Chin
  386 Mrs. Gloria E. Tippins

From 9th Ave. S. to 10th Ave. S. - North Side

From 9th Ave. S. to 10th Ave. S. - South Side
915 Apartments
  387 Mrs. Viola Matthews
  388 Vacant
  389 Mrs. Kathleen DeGroff
  390 Vacant
  391 Mrs. Nellie Gammon
  392 Venny A. Ayco
919 Apartments
  393 Henrietta J. Miller
  394 Mrs. Miriam L. Hill
  395 Nils Nygard
  396 Joseph M. Brule
925 Apartments
  397 Mrs. Phoebe Willard
  398 Mrs. Alice Kruger
  399 Mrs. Flora E. Klatt
  400 Stanley M. Schwab
929 Apartments
  401 Gaven E. Waller
  402 Mrs. Shirley A. Harrold
  403 Philmore T. Payne
  404 Jather Lee
  405 Mrs. Josephine Conklin
  406 Cheow Chuk Chinn
  407 Vacant

From 10th Ave. S. to 11th Ave. S. - North Side
1020 Apartments
  490 Mrs. Stella Anderson
  491 Richard L. Olson
  492 Mrs. Sumiko Matro
  493 Robert Lamb
  494 Mrs. Beverly J. Fauvelle
  495 Shing Pin Sun
1028 Apartments
  478 Mrs. Carrie Strong
  479 Richard P. Behrendt
  480 Mrs. Jackie Edwards
  481 Paul M. Rice
  482 Mrs. Carrie E. Harris
  483 Mrs. Marion M. Dailing
1036 Apartments
  469 Donald M. Gates
  470 Ted Howe
  471 Ray E. Longfellow
  472 Vacant
  473 John H. Chinn
  474 Vacant
  475 William A Bosonitz
  476 Ernest R. Zimmerman
  477 Mrs. Izola Hall
1044 Apartments
  461 Mrs. Frances H. Wilson
  462 Mrs. Emma M. Dooley
  463 A. Blanche Williamson
  464 Fred A. Lundgaard
  465 Joseph J. Miller
  466 Mrs. Margaret Eddy
  467 Mrs. Josephine Marton
  468 N. Seigfred Nelson [sic]

From 10th Ave. S. to 11th Ave. S. - South Side
1005 Apartments
  408 Robert D. Campbell
  409 Mrs. Jewel D. Russell
  410 Dean F. Obenchain
  411 Mrs. Agnes Johnston
  412 Vacant
  413 LeRoy W. Lusher
  414 William H. Foege
  415 Sammy M. Verzola
1011 Apartments
  416 Mrs. Queen Quinn
  417 Mrs. Gusta B. Sharp
  418 Mrs. Nancy L. Garner
  419 John E. Keene
  420 Roger S. Mitchell
  421 Irene O. Walsh
  422 Charles B. Davis
  423 Mrs. Violet Chin
  424 Mrs. Eleanor Mariano
1019 Apartments
  425 Walter L. Harris
  426 Phillip O. Bridenbaugh
  427 Ott Woo
  428 Mrs. Anna L. McCoy
  429 James L. Tilzey
  430 Tom F. Chinn
  431 Allen Gooden
  432 Lowell Klatt
  433 Paul Martin
1027 Apartments
  434 Eddie Patrick
  435 Kenney Chin
  436 Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas
  437 Mrs. Lena Hoffer
  438 Mrs. Lorraine M. Melissa
  439 Mrs. Frances L. Mulkins
  440 LeRoy W. Coulsey
  441 Monte W. Martinsen
  442 Louis Robinson
  443 Vacant [wrong number?]
1033 Apartments
  443 Sueo Fujikoa
  444 Oliver R. Cunningham
  445 Arthur R. Koch
  447 Wing H. Jung
  448 John W. Lebo
1035 Apartments
  457 Mrs. Lula B. Carmack
  458 Mrs. Anna Tarabochia
  459 Mrs. Ethel Beach
  460 Mrs. Priscilla Simpson
1039 Apartments - Charles M. Walsh - Mrs. Sadie T. Ward
1043 Apartments
  449 Frank K. Yamanmoto [sic]
  450 Mrs. Lydia Hill
  451 William F. Elliott
  452 Leslie Crittenden
  453 Mrs. Winnfred Henderson
  454 Mrs. Elsie Fulton

Eleventh Avenue South intersects
Twelfth Avenue South intersects
Boren Avenue intersects

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