Sunday, November 29, 2009

Prefontaine Place South

Taken from 1960 Polk City Directory

Prefontaine Place
From Yesler Way to Fourth Avenue South and Washington Street

From Yesler Wy. to Washington St. - West Side
101 Tashiro Hardware Co. outboard motors
103 Vacant
103½ Vacant
105 Courtesy Barber Shop
109 Tashiro Hardware Co. fishing tackle
119 Neehans Litho Press Works
121 Composing Center printers
123 Bob's Jewelry & Watch Repair
125 Deluxe Cleaners clothing
129 Kaplan Paper Co. (supply room)

From Yesler Wy. to 4th Ave. S. - East Side
100 Norris Safe & Lock Co.
104 Gordon Luther Co. electronic equipment - Blacklight Corp. lighting equipment
106 Printing By Heath
108 Hudnut Sales Co. cosmetics - Kelling Nut Co. edible nuts - Fred S. Saltz manufacturers agent
110 Prefontaine Building - Arnold Tiedeman
  200 General Mechanical Products Co. wholesale hardware - George L. McLaren & Associates manufacturers agents
  202 Commercial Equipment Co. office equipment
  300 Archie J. Little typographer
  301 Decorative Designs by Leta
  302 Scientific Equipment Manufacturing Co.
  304 Vacant
  310 Walker & Whiteford Inc. map publishers [later Walker & Assoc. after partner Jay Whiteford left; company still in existence, part of Aero-metric Inc.]
  402 Wo Hee Chinese Medicine (side entrance)
  405 Vacant
  5th Floor Seattle Curtain Manufacturing Co.
  600 Coast Uniform Cap Manufacturing Co.
  602 Vacant
  603 Moulton Printing Co.
  606 Vacant
  street continued
112 Major Cleaners clothing cleaners
114 Sapho Restaurant
116 Sapho Tavern
118 Prefontaine Barber Shop

Fourth Avenue South intersects
Washington Street intersects

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