Sunday, November 29, 2009

Second Avenue South, Seattle 1960

Taken from 1960 Polk City Directory

Second Avenue South
From Yesler Way to Hanford Street
{This street ended at about the middle of where Qwest Field is today. The last number is 736, which is about where Dearborn (my boundary) would have intersected, but there are no intersections between there and Hanford St. over a mile to the south).

Note: See Second Avenue Extension article for the story of that confusing street.

From Yesler Wy. to Washington St. - West Side

From Yesler Wy. to Washington St. - East Side

From Washington St. to Main St. - West Side
207 Full Moon Tavern
207½ Castro's Barber Shop
211 Acme Amusement Co. vending machines
215 Ruggles Inc. office supplies - Globe Wernicke Co. office furniture - National Blank Book Co. - John C. Moore Co. stationery
219 Northwest Tavern
219½ Domenico's Barber Shop
221 Hop Lee Laundry - Mrs. Chin Tew Park Look
223 Brotherhood Dry Cleaners

From Washington St. to Main St. - East Side
220 E. Masin Furniture Co. Inc.

From Main St. to Jackson St. - West Side
301 City Fire Dept. (Headquarters)
315 Duncan & Sons Inc. shoe findings
319 Vacant
325 Phil's Coffee Shop restaurant

From Main St. to Jackson St. - East Side
300 Mary's Cafe
302 Owsey Lener used clothing
304 Regina Hotel lodgings - H. Yoshiichi Tanaka
310 Herman & Blumenthal Co. wholesale men's furnishings
312 Vacant
314 Vital Foods Distributors - Albert G. Abendroth
316 Vacant

From Jackson St. to King St. - West Side
419 Crane Supply Co. (branch) plumbing supplies

From Jackson St. to King St. - East Side

From King St. to Hanford St. - West Side
611 Woodhouse Beverages Inc. (garage)
617 Woodhouse Beverages Inc. beer distributors

From King St. to Hanford St. - East Side
700 Coast Carloading Co. forwarding agent
720 Tarte's Hudson Transport Expeditors purchasing agents
730 Pacific Forwarding Association (warehouse) - Transcontinental Freight Service forwarding agents - Universal Carloading & Distributing Co. forwarding agents - Universal Transcontinental Co. forwarding agents
736 International Forwarding Co.

Hanford St. intersects
(more than a mile south of here; was it rail yards, or open truck loading and parking? Was there a 2nd Ave. S. here? This was all demolished for the Kingdome in the early seventies.)

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