Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fourth Avenue South, Seattle 1960

Taken from 1960 Polk City Directory

Fourth Avenue South
From Yesler Way to Airport Way

From Yesler Wy. to Prefontaine Pl. - West Side
101 Printing by Heath

From Yesler Wy. to Washington St. - East Side
100 Vacant
102½ Alcoholics Anonymous Seattle Rehabilitation Center - James P. Murphy
104 Vacant
106 Macapas Barber Shop - Thomas Macapas
108 Grand Union Hotel lodgings - William R. Nickey
112 Union Gospel Mission Bargain House used merchandise
112½ Garner Hotel lodgings - Hajime Tiyitomi
116 Jim V. George cabinetmaker
118 Wor Ezra Lodge No. 56 (AF & AM) [I think this means "Worshipful St. Ezra Lodge"; "AF & AM" is "Ancient Free & Accepted Masons]
120 BoLee Laundry - Mrs. Mary Dong
122 St. Vincent dePaul Salvage Bureau (branch)

From Washington St. to Airport Wy. - West Side
none [this is overlooking the rail lines and tunnel entrance]

From Washington St. to Airport Wy. - East Side
210 Diamond Parking Stations Inc. (branch) parking lot
212 Sound End Radio Service repairs - Ray Petz
214 Helen & Johnny's Information Tavern
216 Richard's Jewelry - Duncan M. Tsuneishi optometrist
222 Vacant

[Main Street]
300 New Richmond Supply Laundries Inc.
304 Vacant
308 New Richmond Hotel - Robert Ryan - New Orleans Room cocktail lounge
310 New Richmond Coffee Shop restaurant

[Jackson Street]

Airport Way intersects

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