Sunday, November 29, 2009

Maynard Alley, Seattle 1960

Taken from 1960 Polk City Directory

Maynard Alley
From Jackson Street to King Street

Maynard Alley is now called Maynard Alley South. It exists as an alley outside of these blocks but not with street numbers or business entrances.

From Jackson St. to King St. - West Side

From Jackson St. to King St. - East Side

From King St. to Weller St. - West Side
506a Vacant
508a Vacant
510 Yau San Poon

From King St. to Weller St. - East Side
507 Wah Mee Club Inc. restaurant [and secret illegal gambling house; February 1983 scene of horrific murder of 13 people by three men intent on robbing the gamblers; it has been padlocked and un-entered since that night]
509 Vacant [2009 = Liem's Aquarium & Fish Shop]
513 Charles L. Chinn
515 Vacant

Weller Street intersects

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